Weekly Insights

December 15, 2019

The 2019 Agricultural Year in Review

By Brent Gloy and David Widmar   With 2019 coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on the biggest stories in agriculture. It’s been a year full of uncertainty and never-ending breaking new updates, but here is our list of the 11 biggest stories in agriculture over the last year. Trade War Over? As […]

December 8, 2019

Trade War Continues to Weigh on U.S. Agriculture

By Brent Gloy and David Widmar *This article was originally posted here The U.S. and China remain deadlocked in a major trade dispute.  While many sectors have been impacted, the U.S. agricultural sector has paid a heavy price in the dispute.  The first major impact on U.S. agriculture came in July 2018 when China imposed […]

December 3, 2019

Global Grain Ending Stocks Continue Lower

A few weeks ago, we noted Mother Nature made a large dent in projected 2019 production and ending stocks. A few readers asked about the global ending stocks situation. For this week’s post, we review the global ending stock situation for corn, wheat, and soybeans and, as you might have guessed, considered China’s role in […]

November 25, 2019

2019 Thanksgiving Reading List

Dear Readers, Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re like us, this week is often synonymous with “where has the year gone?!” With the busy week of travel and holiday dinners ahead of you, we depart from our usual post to share a fun reading list.

November 18, 2019

Disaster Avoided? Reviewing the 2019 Grain Ending Stocks Situation

Grain markets in 2019 had a familiar feel – a late June rally that faded as concerns about the U.S. corn and soybean crops subsided (see futures prices for corn here, soybeans here). This was especially frustrating for producers hoping for a substantial price improvement after spring planting challenges and record prevented planting acreage. Given […]

November 10, 2019

Farm-Level Implication of MFP Payments

After the USDA and White House announced the 2019 MFP program, we noted that direct government payments were set to soar in 2019. The USDA’s most recent estimate is for $19.5 billion in total direct farm payments is more than $5.5 billion higher than 2018. For context, the USDA’s initial estimated 2019 direct payments $2.5 […]