AEI Premium <> Farm Credit MidAmerica

You’re busy. You’re also a trusted advisor to dozens of farming operations in your community. To help you balance those demands, Farm Credit Mid America (FCMA) and AEI have partnered to provide you with exclusive access to AEI Premium. FCMA teammates will have access to:

  • AEI Premium, including all articles, the Monday Premium newsletters, and the Ag Forecast Network (AFN).
  • Exclusive monthly updates for the FCMA team.
  • Quarterly webinars that all FCMA customers will be invited to join.

Step 1: Start your AEI Premium account here. Just use your FCMA email, and you’ve be all set!

Step 2: Stay connected: Watch for the AEI Premium Monday emails (usually around 10am eastern), as well as updates via FCMA’s The Scoop and “What’s New Wednesday.”

Still have questions?

  • [Video] Introduction to AEI Premium <> Farm Credit Mid America Partnership (8 Minutes)
  • [Video] Overview of AEI Premium Content (10 Minutes)
  • [Video] The Uncertainty Tool: Ag Forecast Network (AFN) (8.5 Minutes)
  • Get Started: Click “Start your 14-day free trial” to initiate your account. Use your email address, create a password, and your account will automatically be converted into a premium membership. Be sure to bookmark the AEI Premium website! Also, you may need to look in you junk folder and/or Outlook email Quarantine folder to add AEI emails to your safelist.
  • Still curious? Subscribe to AEI podcasts
    • Presenents (steam here, or whoever you listen to podcasts): From the farm financial crisis of the 1980s (Season 1, Escaping 1980) to the future of carbon markets (Season 2, Corn Saves America) and where the money farmers borrow comes from (Season 3, Nothing Borrowed Nothing Gained) join us as we size-up agricultural issues through the lens of history and economics to consider what we can learn and how to think about the challenges faced today and in the future.
    • Ag Interrupted (steam here, or whoever you listen to podcasts): Sarah Mock, Brent Gloy, and David Widmar return to the intersection of agriculture, history, and economics to share the stories and business adventures you’ve never heard. Each episode will take you back to a specific date in history where the team will unpack how chaotic, unsettled, and flat-out bizarre history was. Learn how these random but relevant events have shaped the world we know today and the key lessons for managers and business leaders.
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Oct. 2023 Update

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July 2023 Update

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June 2023 Update


May 2023 Update

  • Monthly FCMA Overview Video (watch here)
    • Introduces the 2023 Yeild Forecast Challenge
    • ~10 minutes.
    • Corn Futures Dipped Below $5.25. Check your score. Summary of AFN Consensus and FCMA Forecasts: