Be Your Own Guru

In coffee shops across the country, people are talking about the Trade War and commodity prices, yet no one is really talking about the same thing. Unlike other platforms or media articles, the questions asked on AFN are specific and have a definitive outcome.  This allows everyone to forecast, share ideas, and learn without ambiguity.

Instead of vague questions, AFN provides much-needed context. For example:

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The Ag Forecast Network (AFN) is a community designed to challenge each other on their skill to navigate agricultural uncertainties.  AFN offers a decision framework that provides feedback: how does your forecast compare to the consensus, how has your forecast changed over time, how well did your forecast score? Click here to read the inspiration behind AFN.

Who is AFN For?

AFN is for the curious. The inquisitive. The ones who aren’t afraid of changing their own opinions.

The AFN community is a diverse membership of savvy farmers, agribusiness decision-makers, engaged ag lenders, ag policy wonks, commodity market observers – all who are impacted by today’s agricultural uncertainties; from crop yields to policy decisions made in Washington, D.C.

The AFN platform is designed for those who read a piece of news and immediately begin to think about the event’s implications, running through what-if scenarios, reading the article’s sources, feeding the new knowledge back in, fleshing out the second and third-order consequences, and so on. They are always thinking and questioning.

Once a conclusion has been reached, AFN members submit their expectations, leaving notes to remind themselves what they were thinking, benchmarking against the community, running through what-if scenarios…the process repeats.

Each piece of news. Each new question. Every uncertainty.

Get Started Today.

Click here to join the AFN community. Share your forecasts on agricultural questions, compare yourself to the consensus, and set out on your path to improving how you navigate under uncertainty.

AFN members enjoy access to a unique forecast tool to help them analyze uncertainty. They also receive exclusive content, including a clearinghouse of curated resources that are specific to the questions at hand. Perhaps most importantly, the AFN community harnesses the power of the network to provide instant feedback so users can see how their expectations measure up, and how their forecasts have changed over time.

The AFN platform is 100% user-funded. The data that AFN’s community sees and shares on the network is unbiased and secure.

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