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The farm economy has always been volatile, but the last few years have been as chaotic as any in recent memory. When we launched, our goal was simple: create and share straightforward, thoughtful, and unbiased analysis of the key economic issues in agriculture. It seemed a bit ironic, at least to us, that a World full of tweets, never-ending breaking-news, and unlimited access to ‘experts’ would be void of actionable insights.

As readership grew and evolved, we realized a need to go beyond our popular, once-a-week articles. With that, we are pleased to announce the next evolution in our offering, AEI Premium.

Cultivate your Thinking

AEI Premium is for those looking for an edge in their decision-making process; those looking for better insights, methods for challenging their thinking, and a feedback loop for improvement. AEI Premium helps savvy farmers, agribusiness decision-makers, engaged ag lenders, ag policy wonks, and commodity market observers.

Exclusive Content– In addition to even more of the insights shared in the Weekly Insights blog, AEI Premium includes content you won’t find anywhere else. It’s not breaking news; it’s a break-down of the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing agriculture. In-depth research, data-driven insights, interviews with experts, and ideas that make us better. And, most importantly, the content is written with the reader in mind- no ads, no sponsors, no clickbait.

AFN tool– The Ag Forecast Network (AFN) is a tool specifically designed to help users navigate agricultural uncertainties. AFN takes the uncertainties we all face – such as “will corn prices rally?”- and structures the unknowns in a way that (1) forces second-level thinking, (2) enables learning from others, and (3) allows you to learn from yourself. Learn more about AFN here.

Feedback for Improvement– Built into the AFN tool are metrics to help you measure and improve how you navigate uncertainties. What went well? What went poorly? How do your expectations stack up against others? How well did your forecast turn out? AFN’s structured design allows for a feedback loop for improvement.

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Ever since Brent and David launched Agricultural Economic Insights, they have been committed to providing the best experience – and that includes taking an unbiased approach to sharing ideas.

AEI Premium is 100% user-funded – and always will be. The ideas and data shared are completely unbiased. That means no advertisements, no hidden agendas. It also means any data you share within the AFN tool is secure and will never be sold. At the end of the day, we are here to help you and other users improve your decision-making process. Subscription options include:


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Learn more about the AFN tool here, or see frequently asked questions.

Sneak Peek

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll see once you start the AEI Premium trial.