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In addition to their weekly posts and regular TV, radio, and magazine interviews, you can invite Brent or David to speak at your next event. They will work with you to build a session that fits the exact needs of your organization.

Why book us?

Beyond the Data

Beyond the data

We take pride in distilling complex ideas into clear, actionable information. That is why we named our company Agricultural Economic Insights; we go beyond the data and charts to find the bottom-line implications for your organization. Our session will be informative, understandable, practical, and engaging.

Relevant to you

Relevant and timely

We always keep abreast of the current situation and we are thought leaders when it comes to the ag economy. How do we do this? Brent and David have authored hundreds of articles for their Weekly Insights blog since 2014.

Customized to your needs

Customized to meet your needs

We will work with your to make sure that the session fits what you are looking for and accomplishes the objectives you have for the meeting. Whether it's the Board of Directors or your most important farmer clients, Brent and David will keep your organization's and audience's needs in mind.

Presentation Topics

The farm economy has been in a slump for several years. How did we get here? Where will we go from here? This session will focus on the key trends impacting production agriculture over the next five years and how producers can position their operations. This session will focus on strategies and management tips should producers be implementing in 2022 and the years ahead.

Key Audience Outcomes:

  1. Understand the current state of U.S. farm financial conditions.
  2. Understand the supply and demand factors shaping agricultural commodity markets.
  3. Strategies for managing in the current economic environment and the key indicators to watch in 2022 and beyond.

Potential Audiences: Farmers, Ag Sales Teams, Ag Lenders, Agribusiness Executives/Boards of Directors.

Agriculture is full of uncertainties. From weather to national yields and grain markets, most decisions made in production agriculture are impacted by future outcomes we have no control over. While nobody can predict the future, there are frameworks and decision-tools we can use to help navigate uncertainties. This session will focus on the key uncertainties facing crop and livestock production in 2022 and strategies for managing uncertainties.

Key Audience Outcomes:

  1. Avoiding Uncertainty Traps: How typical thinking makes it challenging to think through uncertainty.
  2. How can we do better? A framework for navigating uncertainties.
  3. Feedback: Learning from others, and learning from yourself. How do your expectations line-up with others? How can you improve your uncertainty forecasting skills?

Potential Audiences: Farmers, Ag Lenders, Agribusiness Executives/Boards of Directors, Ag Sales Teams, Young Producers.

Because change in agriculture can often seem slow and insignificant, it is important to step back on occasion and consider the big-picture changes. Even subtle, small changes – when consistent and acting over a long enough period – can produce profound impacts on businesses, business relationships, industries, and entire economies. From aging farmers to automation and technology, this session will encourage the audience to think outside of the box about the future, their businesses, and their customers.

Key Audience Outcomes:

  1. Understand the demographic, technological, and market trends that are shaping the future of agriculture.
  2. Understand the implications of these trends on their business and marketplace.
  3. Strategies for navigating a future of unknowns.

Potential Audiences: Farmers, Young Producers, Ag Sales Teams, Ag Lenders, Agribusiness Executives/Boards of Directors.

Everyone has heard the warning about avoiding a repeat of the 1980s farm financial crisis, but what really happened? What can we learn and what is applicable in 2022 and beyond? The “Escaping 1980” team – Brent, David, and Sarah – will go beyond the podcast to bridge the gap between history and lessons for the future. 

Key Audience Outcomes:

  1. Review the key events of the 1980s farm financial crisis
  2. Summarize key lessons that can be learned and broadly applied
  3. Challenge listeners to think about how the 1980s have impacted their lives and what changes they might make to avoid the next disaster. 

Excitement and enthusiasm about carbon and carbon markets has been felt in every aspect of agriculture. While the future is very uncertain, we can learn from the last time agriculture play a major role in solving the issues facing America; the rise of ethanol.  The “Corn Saves America” team – Brent, David, and Sarah – will go beyond the podcast to bridge the gap between history and lessons for the future. 

Key Audience Outcomes:

  1. Review the key events surrounding the rise of ethanol
  2. Review differences and similarities between ethanol then and carbon now. 

  1. Managing for Success – With the turbulence in the farm economy it is more important than ever to implement sound management strategies and practices. This session will provide farm managers with a number of ideas and management practices that they can take home and use in their operations.
  2. Farmland Values and Cash Rents- The boom, the reset, and where to from here: the drivers in farmland markets and to keep an eye on. (and no, we don’t think there is a bubble…as of right now)
  3. Crop Budget Trends- What does 2022 look like? What costs have improved? What has resisted? What can you expect in the next year?

Additional Services

In addition to speaking to groups, Brent and David can also help your organization in the following way:

  1. Design and deliver a customized, educational program for your organization’s needs.
  2. Agribusiness Strategy Session – Brent and David will guide your team through a strategic planning process around the key trends in agriculture. Great for Boards of Directors and leadership teams.
  3. Sales Planning Session- What does 2022 have in store? Brent and David can guide your sales team through a tactical planning session for the upcoming growing season. Dive into the economic realities your farmer customers will face and create action-item plans for approaching the 2022 selling season.